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Two of my childhood favorites in one!

Fabulous and equally as campy and preposterous as the originals!

Apparently my recap of my 2010 reading list inspired my pal Mike to do the same. Oddly, there's not a romance or chick lit book in the bunch... (heh).

I'm starting my 2011 Christmas list early. I want one of these...

... because it's true.

There are two camera give-aways going on over at photofocus -- first, one for a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID ProValue Pak film camera; second, for a Canon 5DMKII DSLR camera. The only hitch is you've got to Tweet to win.

Finally, an alternative to simply warehousing Alzheimers sufferers:
Disregarding typical nursing-home rules, Beatitudes allowed Ms. Nance, 96 and afflicted with Alzheimer’s, to sleep, be bathed and dine whenever she wanted, even at 2 a.m. She could eat anything, too, no matter how unhealthy, including unlimited chocolate.

And she was given a baby doll, a move that seemed so jarring that a supervisor initially objected until she saw how calm Ms. Nance became when she rocked, caressed and fed her “baby,” often agreeing to eat herself after the doll “ate” several spoonfuls.

Dementia patients at Beatitudes are allowed practically anything that brings comfort, even an alcoholic “nip at night,” said Tena Alonzo, director of research. “Whatever your vice is, we’re your folks,” she said.
Sign me up right now.

The Chicago mayoral race has certainly taken a turn for the weird with Carol Mosely Braun being considered the "unity candidate" for the black community in Chicago. (I'd really like to know what dirt they had on the actual poll leading Danny Davis to get him to back off.) Given Braun's history of demonstrably bad judgment, and the fact that Jesse Jackson's filthy fingerprints are all over this turn of events, I'm confident she'll do or say something -- and probably a lot of things -- to get herself blown right out of the race.

I find it sad that the black community leadership consistently puts forward the same deeply-flawed candidates who have only their own personal interests at heart. Trust me when I say that Jesse didn't make this happen for the good of the black community. He knows he can't get elected himself, so he's flagrantly working to become the power behind the throne.

In the meantime, the media has mostly missed out on this story of how the Latino community in Chicago is doing the exact opposite:
In a private room inside the upscale East Bank Club, a group of young Latino professionals that included staffers from several Chicago mayoral campaigns sat down recently to talk about a shared interest: power and how to get it.

Juan Rangel, co-chairman of Rahm Emanuel's mayoral bid and head of the influential United Neighborhood Organization, stood at the front of the room. Before him, he saw the next generation of Chicago's political leaders, corporate chieftains and cultural tastemakers.

As the city gears up to elect its first new mayor in 21 years, Rangel said Latinos are at a crossroads and, with his UNO colleagues, is preparing up-and-coming professionals for a place at the table, no matter who replaces Richard Daley.

"It's not about being altruistic; put that aside," Rangel, 45, told the 36 smartly dressed men and women who had gathered for a lesson in political hardball through UNO's Metropolitan Leadership Institute. "If you don't have power, you'll never get to first base."
Actually, the Illinois GOP should take a page or two right out of this playbook.

A belated, but most Happy New Year to you all:


1 comment:

Desert Cat said...

Should be interesting because Latinos are going to keep bumping against the Black power structure and begin displacing them.

This could get ugly, but it is inevitable. There is no "white guilt" amongst Latinos...