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The gift that keeps on giving strikes again:
Braun surfaced Wednesday on the South Side at the scene of a shooting in the 6900 block of South Marshfield Avenue to say that if elected mayor, she won't tolerate violence and will push for more community involvement and economic development. When a reporter asked about the tax returns and how she is paying her bills, Braun asked what media outlet he was from and told him her business is fine.

"Some of you may work for the Tribune or the Sun-Times, and last time I looked, the Tribune was in bankruptcy," Braun said.

"There's a kid laying up dead," she said, as she got into a waiting car near where blood was still frozen on the street. "Come on guys, be responsible yourselves."

As of Wednesday evening, Chicago police said neither of the two teens shot had died in the incident.
My Magic Cheezburger and I note that in four paragraphs we find that Girlfriend is an opportunist ("DO NOT WANT"), that Girlfriend will continue to dodge questions about her taxes and bills ("MEBBEH"), that Girlfriend will and does resort to "I'm Rubber, You're Glue" tactics ("DIS BURGER IS BORKED"), that Girlfriend is willing to use classic bait and switch tactics ("WIN") and that Girlfriend once again fails to get her facts straight ("PLEH:(").

And what do her supporters in the African American community think of Girlfriend?
[A]black elected official backing Braun, who asked to remain anonymous, disagreed, noting that Chicago’s $1 billion-a-year structural deficit is the No. 1 issue facing the next mayor.

“You could say she’s the perfect person because we’re living over our head, too. But I don’t think that’s the way most people will look at it,” the official said.

“Carol clearly has the most distinguished record of the candidates we were looking at, but there was always an asterisk. It was, ‘Carol, who got in trouble going to Nigeria.’ Those were judgment questions hanging over her. The financial stuff just adds to that cloud.”

Ya think??? It's pretty bad when even her supporters are are starting to agree with the Magic Cheezburger, which tells Girlfriend that when it comes to the office of Mayor of Chicago, "U NO CAN HAS".

Marathon Pundit concurs.

I have "woo-woo" moments every once in a while where, like Chaos Theory, karmic butterfly wings create an avalanche of strange. Viz:

During the usual course of Therapy Night just this past Tuesday, Mr. Bill blurted out something about "midget shrimpers", the explanation of reduced Walt, Zen Master Ken and I to tears of laughter. After I finally recovered my composure, I looked at ZMK and said, "Did that just give you visions of naughty Oompa Loompas?"

Of course, more hilarity ensued.

And of course, I thought about Zonker and his passion for midgets.

So who should post just two days later? Yes, indeedy -- the Z-Man himself.

But that's not the end of the coinky-dinks. Lookee here what V-man, who's been on radio silent for half of forever, posted today!

(And comment numero uno to that post? "I, for one, hope this isn't just a lick-and-a-promise." Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!!)


I'll stop now.

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Anonymous said...

Mark my words, 2011 shall be known as the Year Of The Midget.
- z