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Giggle of the Day:


Facebook once again is rolling out something you should know about... and probably don't.

Check your settings, m'kay?

You mean the glaciers aren't shrinking after all??? (Global warming. It's a beautiful thing.)

Chocolate-Peanut Spread that not only looks delicious, but is incredibly easy to make.

What complete idiocy is this?
Moviegoers planning to see “The King’s Speech” after the Oscars might see a different version than what has already been released.

Executive producer Harvey Weinstein is mulling an idea to re-edit the R-rated movie — which received 12 Oscar nominations Tuesday, more than any other film — to get a different rating, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Weinstein, who said he is discussing the idea with director Tom Hooper, is aiming for a PG-13 or even a PG. The move would be part of a marketing strategy intended to up the film’s appeal to a broader swath of moviegoers.
Puh-leeze! Go to the "R" rated version or you'll miss half the fun. (Just ask the Mad Minnesotan.)

The most sensible (and conservative) article ever to grace the pages of the Chicago Tribune can be found here.
6. We can’t be dependent on the government.

Remember the immortal words of President Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you ... ” Plan for independence, because there is no way our country can take care of all of us as we age. Of course, America has always taken care of the neediest among us, and will always try to do so. But will we have the resources and the growth to provide for everyone? Or will we resort to debt and money printing? And how long will that work?

These past few years should have taught us that government, under both political parties, can’t solve all our problems or fix all our economic suffering. It can only provide the framework for growth that comes from people at every level of our society.
Who knew?

When even a regular union guy doesn't back the Chicago Teachers Union, you know the public school system is broken:
Bryant Coulter is a firefighter who considers himself a pro-union guy, but prefers non-union charters schools. “I saw five fights while waiting to talk to an assistant principal at the CPS high school my son went to,” said Coulter. The difference was “night and day” after switching to charter schools, he said.
The current head of the teachers union is an asshat, BTW:
Charter schools are just a marketing scheme trying to sell a product that doesn’t work — just like a weight loss gimmick she once fell for. “Guess what?” said Lewis. “I’m still a fat girl.”
Guess what, Karen? Apparently you're half wrong -- you're still fat, I agree.

The Rahm Emanuel Hokey Pokey is finally over: The Illinois Supreme Court says he can put is left foot in.

Ear Worm of the Day?

That's what it's all about!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Les - I strongly disliked facebook so I deleted my account today and feel great! I don't have to worry about what they change next, or about people finding me who I don't want to be friends with!