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$20,000 Question

Why in the world did WGN Radio rejigger the weekend schedule to take the Sunday night slot away from Nick Digilio and give it to Milt Rosenberg if Milt is only going to do it live one week out of four? Seriously -- the first couple of weeks they replayed past shows, and tonight, instead of Milt, Andrea Darlas will be filling that slot. (No offense meant to Ms. Darlas.)

Rather than serving up retreads and substitutes to its loyal listenership, WGN should bounce the "WGN Weekend" slot, move Legally Speaking and the Sunday Night Radio Special to an hour earlier, then give Nick back a two hour slot.


First, Nick has a huge following who are used to tuning in to listen to and converse with him. Nick was the first at WGN to embrace Facebook, then Twitter, and turn his show into a true interactive experience. A large number of his listeners have formed friendships through and because of his skillful use of social media, Brew & View events, Snuggie Pub crawls and other themed events.

Second, I can't remember one single time that Nick served up a rerun. That would be an insult to his listeners and he just wouldn't do it. Guest hosts, yes. Retreads, NO.

Third, Nick has been the station's go-to guy every single time there's been a hole in the line up, whether fueled by weather, illness or vacations, often working double and triple shifts with little sleep, and not once has he ever complained about it. In fact, he's been enthusiastic about anything and everything the station has asked him to do. It's a huge slap in his face, and the collective faces of the people who tune in just for him.

Finally, while I enjoy Dr. Rosenberg's programs during the week, I resent having the entertainer who is very committed to his fan base and whom I enjoy so much on Sunday nights being bounced for someone who clearly has no such loyalty. If he was committed to us, he'd have his ass in the chair with a new guest every Sunday night.

I just sent a very unhappy email to the management at WGN. If you miss Nick, I suggest you do the same.

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