Leslie's Omnibus

Weekend Rambles

  1. The Hubble IMAX show (interesting) and Jim Henson/Muppets exhibit (absolutely charming!) at the Museum of Science and Industry
  2. A stroll through the Chicago Cultural Center, with lots of time spent on the Vivian Maier street photography exhibit (fantastic -- don't miss it!) and the Portrait Project and Project Onward (loved!)
  3. A force-march (I'm famous for these) over to Klay Oven for a delightful dinner
  4. Another death-march back across town with stops at the original Billy Goat, the Wrigley building and Tribune Tower
  5. Back to DP for cocktails at the Miner Street Tavern
  6. Home
  1. Brunch at the Sugar Bowl (huge! "Crepes? I can't get through a day with you on crepes!")
  2. Gold, Sue and Africa exhibits at the Field Museum of Natural History
  3. A leisurely drive up Lake Shore Drive and the Lake Michigan Circle Tour as far north as Glenview
  4. Zip back down to Golf Mill Mall for a quick dinner of pulled pork sandwiches (who knew food court food could be that good?) and then off to see True Grit (how many Oscars will this movie be nominated for?) at the AMC theater
  5. Back to Jimmy's in DP for the end of the Packers/Ravens game and cocktails
  1. Lunch and Bears game in the bar at Jimmy's
  2. A swing through Shop 'n Save to pick up exotic groceries that the mad Minnesotan can't get up in the frozen north
  3. Home and collapse
See you later!

Update: Add a massage at the mall for the Minnesotan, another visit to the food court and The King's Speech (stupendous) to the day's activities. I didn't get a heck of a lot accomplished this weekend, but we covered a hell of a lot of ground in the process!

P.S. -- Whoohoo! Go Bears! Go Hawks!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I live in Grand Rapids, MI. I
LOVE your blog as I am an x-Chicagoan, married for nearly 34 years to the same patient woman. I have two beautiful grown daughters,(who live at home) and 50+ year wgn radio fan. I work as a nursing home chaplain.

Here is what I did this past weekend;

Friday work til 9-2, 37 mile ride home, sleep 3pm-7am.

Saturday; Omelette breakfast, Watch some westerns on tv, Hot Pastrami lunch, more westerns, supper was bbq ribs, sauerkraut and potato salad, at home. "Dead Mans Gun" on the Westerns Channel.

Sunday Church at 8, breakfast w/my mom, 37 mile ride to work, work 10:30-4:30, 37 miile ride home, relax at home, chicken tender supper, bed at 7:30, up at 5.

Thanks for Sharing. Note; GR is alot like "mini-Chicago" w/o taxes and line and too busy traffic.

Deacon Tom

Omnibus Driver said...

Thanks for the kind words, Deacon Tom! I've been to GR, and it is, indeed, a lovely place to visit.

May I suggest another blog for you to read? Susan Palwick's Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good is a favorite of mine. I think you'll find you and she have a lot in common.