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Road Conditions

Severe thunderstorms are currently moving across Iowa at 50-60mph, and are expected to hit Chicago between 4-5pm this afternoon. The storm is producing winds up to 70mph. Reports also predict possible hail the size of half-dollars and rainfall up to 2 inches per hour.
Lovely! Take public transportation if you can.

Update: Boy oh boy, they weren't kidding. For the first time in all the years I've worked in this city, our office building did an announcement advising everyone to move away from the windows and into central corridors because they were concerned windows might break and glass might fly. It was really eerie watching the glass flex (and yes, I skedaddled into a safe place as soon as I witnessed that bit of oddity).

Hope you're warm, safe and dry wherever you may be tonight.

Update II: See? It really was one helluva storm!


Teresa said...

Talked to my daughter through her drive home in the storm. Not exactly sure what they were thinking, but her company decided to send everyone home. So she was in the car for all the fun and games. Heh. Northbrook down to Lake View... I was on NOAA watching the storm and saying stuff like... It looks like the red bit is right over top of you now...

I think she missed the worst bits of it though, but she did leave windows open in her condo... the cats may be a bit miffed. LOL.

Omnibus Driver said...

The storm is moving pretty fast, and it's starting to lighten up a bit outside. However, we also just had thunder.

I left a window open at home, too. Fortunately, it's only open about a third of the way. Unfortunately, it's on the west side of the building -- facing right into this storm. Can't wait to get home and see how soggy it got... but I'm not leaving here until things look better.


Not the way I intended to spend my Friday night.

Hope all's well at your daughter's place!

Teresa said...

Hope you didn't end up too soggy. No news is good news. I didn't hear anything so I'm thinking it's okay. I'll probably find out tomorrow. Tonight I know she's out with friends. LOL.

Omnibus Driver said...

Got off the train to thunder, lightning and rain tonight. It's still coming down, just not as scary as earlier. Ugh!