Leslie's Omnibus

Down Memory Lane

Things about Darling Daddy:

He loved Big Band music, especially Glen Miller...

... Tommy Dorsey...

... and Benny Goodman.

His favorite actresses were Grace Kelly...

... and Veronica Lake (his No. 1).

His favorite song and his favorite singer?

Sentimental? You bet he was, and, almost 11 years since he's been gone, I still miss him terribly.

Make sure you tell your father you love him today and every day


diamond dave said...

Wonderful tribute. Mine's been gone four years and I still miss him terribly, which is why I honor him on my blog as well for Father's Day.

JihadGene said...

That was a wonderful tribute!!! Lost my Dad in 1985 when I was stationed in W. Germany. Miss my Dad LOOONG time tooo.