Leslie's Omnibus

Golly Gee Whillikers!

I guess it pays to let 'em know you're blogging it:

Support Staff Response
Dear Leslie Spiller,

Thank you for contacting Online Support.

I apologize you did not receive a response to your previous incident. The customer number and receipt number provided do not appear to be in our systems. This does not appear to be a valid email from us. We understand the concerns about phishing and other scams that may try to impersonate Go Daddy to obtain your personal data or sensitive account information. To address these concerns we have placed a page on our website to help you determine if correspondence you receive is actually being sent from Go Daddy:

The REAL Go Daddy

This may help you differentiate whether communication that appears to be coming from Go Daddy is genuine or not. Please also feel free to contact us directly using the following information if you have any further questions:

Email: Support@godaddy.com
Phone: 480-505-8877

Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.


Micah G.
Online Support Team

Customer Inquiry
Name : Leslie Spiller
Phone : 312-XXX-XXXX
Domain Name :
Shopper Validated : No
Browser : Safari Version : 5.0
Other : Incident ID is: 9234281
Issue : I reported here that I received someone else's sensitive customer information not once, but TWICE, via text message on Monday. I was told, via computer-generated response that I would hear something from GoDaddy's customer support within 24 hours. It is now Saturday morning, and I have still not heard that this matter has been cleared up, that I should destroy the emails, or even a thank you for pointing out the problem. I've now blogged about this here, here and here:




I will continue to tell people how lousy your response to this matter has been, and you can bet I will NEVER use your service. But I suggest you notify me that this matter has been cleared up, because it's still open as far as I... and my blog... are concerned.
Five freaking days to get that response. Stoopid.

Update: Speaking of stoopid... I've been sick over the last couple of days and posted before paying attention to exactly what all I was copying and pasting. A big smoocheroo to my BlogDaddy, who pointed out my error. Yikes!

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Desert Cat said...

I've had several domains parked at GoDaddy for years. I've not had any issues with them. The one time I needed help it came within about 24 hours.

But then I am doing little else but using some space for serving files to my weblog, and using another domain name to host some permanent (non-ISP dependent) e-mail addresses.