Leslie's Omnibus

Bells Are Ringing

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Again and again I've said I'm happy being single.

And I was... until I found my soulmate. My bashert.

Who knew that Joe Pesci was such a marvelous combination of piss and pith?

Almost done with Dance my ass. Your recent blog posts indicate you were able to spend a little bit of your free time with the book. Don't do us any favors Rumpel Jiggleskin. Thanks for making it a priority, but after 5 years he probably gives less of a shit about than I do.
See? He has a blog called, "Finish the Book, George" and he's getting crankier by the day waiting for George R.R. Martin to finish A Dance with Dragons.

"Captain Carrotcake"
"Lord Beefarino"
"Rumpel Jiggleskin"

Pure poetry!

Remember my own temptation to go all Kathy Bates on ol' Georgie's ass? Here's my own true love on that same subject:
If Ray had put on one of those operation pink hats and charged the booth to berate Captain Carrotcake, I would have first kicked him in the nuts and then sent him to the woodshed (that’s not just catchphrase, we actually have a woodshed were we get all “Fargo” on people who piss us off). For those of you unfamiliar with Fargo, rent it and bring a date.
I'm telling you, Joe and I are a match made in heaven. Now all I have to do is track him down and drag his happy hiney down the aisle...

(A tip of the cap to the good folks at Winter Is Coming, who are responsible for introducing me to my beloved. Y'all are invited to be in the wedding party, okay? I'll even wear my Auntie Omnibus costume for that special day.)

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