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Quote of the Day:
'The rise of the compensation culture over the last ten years is a real concern, as is the way health and safety rules are sometimes applied.

'We need a sensible new approach that makes clear these laws are intended to protect people, not overwhelm businesses with red tape.'

Mad props to the first one of you who can identify the speaker without peeking.

For those of you who think the recent efforts by Turkish ships to break the Israeli naval blockade is a good idea and that those poor Gazans would be starving to death without the Turkish aid -- go here, noodle around the site, watch the video and then come back and talk to me.
It seems to me that the crux of the problem is that we keep catching these rambunctious rascals and then just sending them back to Mexico so they can try again. Now I’m no Lou Dobbs but a wiser idea might be to round these folks up, pop them in a cargo plane and then parachute them into Belgium under cover of darkness. And if the Belgians take issue and kick up a stink, we can always try the Swiss instead. They’re a tolerant lot and dandy yodellers too.

Those Mexican lads may be able to hop a fence but I don’t expect they can swim the Atlantic. And if they can – I’d say they’ve damn well earned a green card.

Donald Mills for President in 2012? I'd vote for him!

Here's another example of Illinois' taxpayers getting told once again to "bend over and grab your ankles":
Local officials acknowledge that a giant sewage-cooking machine in west suburban Stickney is a waste of money, but they have decided to move ahead anyway with a project that could cost Chicago and Cook County taxpayers $217 million.

Once billed as an innovative way to turn the region's sewage sludge into fertilizer, the project is a decade behind schedule.
And you wonder where Obama learned it?

It's sad to see that another of my childhood icons has passed away:

And one of the Princess Mom's Sunday brunch favorites was Jimmy Dean sausage patty sandwiches with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a burger bun. (None of that sausage biscuit business for Yankees like us!)

Winter is coming!

Geek girl here got goosebumps. I'll admit it.

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diamond dave said...

Jimmy Dean - mmmm. I have a freezerful of his maple flavored sausage.


JihadGene said...

I loved the Jimmy Dean Show!!!