Leslie's Omnibus

Parade Route

Crazyville. I'm glad I can be a fan and enjoy this from 34 floors up!

Update: If you're thinking about coming into Chicago today, keep the following in mind:
Friday’s ticker-tape parade and rally kick off an action-packed summer weekend in Chicago that features Blues-Fest, the Old Town Art Fair and the Crosstown Classic between the Cubs and Sox.
Every form of transportation into the city was packed this morning (I couldn't even get on my regular Metra train because it was full of beer-drinking Blackhawks fans at 8:15 a.m.), and I imagine after all that fun it'll be even wilder trying to get home tonight.

Be careful on the roads tonight.

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Teresa said...

Gotta love Chicago. Their fans really know how to celebrate. LOL. My son was down in all that mess. He sent me a pic.