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It seems to me that the banks have done a lot of their depositors and shareholders a lot of irreparable harm. The least they owe them at this point is transparency.

Keep holding their feet to the fire, Judge Preska!

Question of the Day:
Is the hair on your arms standing up yet?
Yes, indeed.

The cash for clunkers program was ill-considered at best, and a slap in the face of tax payers at worst. Hang on to your hats (and your wallets), boys and girls. They're going to do it again with appliances, and it's even less thought out than the first program.

Then again, what do you expect from a congress that's handing out cash bonuses to their "top aides" while many of their constituents are going jobless? Maybe it's me, but anyone making over $150,000 a year shouldn't be having too much trouble paying down their college loans.
It’s time to put a stop to this. Federal wages should be frozen for a period of years, at least until the private-sector economy has recovered and average workers start seeing some wage gains of their own. At the same time, gold-plated federal benefit packages should be scaled back as unaffordable given today’s massive budget deficits. There are many qualitative benefits of government work—such as extremely high job security—so taxpayers should not have to pay for such lavish government pay packages.
Pay attention to which of these congress critters are pulling these stunts at the expense of their own constituents and pull the other lever in the next set of elections, would you?

The 10 Geekiest Pieces of Furniture in the Universe? I can think of at least three of those items that would make my BlogDaddy a happy, happy boy...

Ear Worm of the Day:

(I first heard Dinah Shore's version of this. Both are lovely.)

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Charles said...

I love your blog it is great

Anonymous said...

Saw your artist reference on Glenn Beck tonight and in the American Spectator! Good for him!