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Ear Worm of the Day:

I woke up with this rattling around the brain box, and it just won't go away.

Dunno what Des Plaines' finest are waiting for, but I'm determined to nail that little bastard who uses someone else's hang tag and parks in the prime handicapped parking spot at the train station every day. This is going to help:
A program that allows citizens to file anonymous complaints on the Illinois secretary of state's Web site about people misusing parking reserved for the disabled has netted more than 100 tips since it launched in mid-June....

The program, on cyberdriveillinois.com, had brought in 114 complaints that led to eight investigations as of last week, Bogdan said.
I'm fairly salivating over this one!

Why by one when three will be mo' bettah? Argh.

Scare Tactics 101.

Scare Tactics 102.

Who needs the pulpit as long as you've got the bully?

Having kids is bad.

Getting divorced is bad.

Being fat is bad.

We're all gonna die.

And somebody actually financed this research?

Giggle of the Day:

david hasselhoff
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Tina said...

I love the Statler Brothers. PBS was showing their farewell concert the other night during fund raising drive. I sang along with them. I just really do like them. I'm always humming "I've Nothing To Do" - counting flowers on the wall, that don't bother me at all....i'll be singing it the rest of the night i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

HA! The Hasselhoff thing is funny!