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Giggle of the Day, Part I:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Ear Worm of the Day:

She's an old favorite. Wish she'd make some new music...

Giggle of the Day, Part II:
...it was nebulous, ill formed, and threatened to make the entire place unlivable.
Go ahead and keep a straight face. I dare ya.

Police are getting tougher on women driving drunk? Good. At least in the Chicago area with taxis in abundance, there's NO REASON to get behind the wheel if you've had too many. No matter how hard you cry and beg, if you did the stupid, you should be held accountable.

I'll be happy when this one blows itself out to see and quits causing damage.

If Democrats aren't happy with seniors showing up at town hall meetings now, wait'll word of this spreads. Yeesh.


JihadGene said...

K.T. Oslin!!! Oh heck YES!!!

Omnibus Driver said...

I didn't realize it when I did this, but if you scroll down from the Giggle to the Ear Worm, looks like K.T. is looking up and the LOL cat....

Too funny!