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There's a reason I love Fausta and V-Man and Joanie: They do all the heavy lifting for me.

Then add Allen to that mix.

Lucky me to call them all "friend."

I don't know why I want one of these... but I do.

(I've really got to keep away from The Awesomer. It's a bad influence, I think.)

Too, Too Cute of the Day:

cute pictures of puppies with captions
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Ooooh, look! It's get out the cluebat time.

Now even Man's Best Friend can look like a badly tailored monk.

Snuggie chic. Who knew?

I shouldn't have giggled like a girl at this, but I did:
Convicted killer Phil Spector reportedly has a prison admirer, Charles Manson. The 68-year-old music producer's wife, Rachelle, says he received a note from the cult leader.

Spector's publicist Hal Lifson told KTLA that: "Phil Spector has been very, very alarmed and scared at the notion of Charles Manson contacting him for any reason."

"Phil mentioned that he used to get phone calls from John Lennon and Tina Turner and now it's Charles Manson calling, so he said, 'Go figure.'"
Karma. It's a beautiful thing.

Giggle of the Day:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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With a name like "Me, Cheetah: My Life in Hollywood," how could I not but this book on my Amazon wish list?

Ear Worm of the Day:

There ya go.

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