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Saw this...

... and immediately thought of my favorite pirate. I think he needs it, don't you?

Velociman has finally gone and done it: he's published his first book. Yeah... it's a little pricey... but it's V-Man, and I'll bet it becomes an American Classic.

Yes, he's that good. Go order it, okay?

Nancy Pelosi accuses town hall protesters of Nazi-like behavior.

Hmmm... seems to me that the Dems didn't think it was fascist behavior to use Kos and the gang to whip up the masses to shout down anyone who had issues with Obama -- including Chicago's Milt Rosenberg, whose call-in lines were jammed (scroll down and click on "Obama's Record") with *ahem* reasonable people who wanted to engage in civil discourse -- during the last presidential campaign.


If one side does it, it's exercising one's First Amendment Rights. If the other side does it? It's fascism at its worst.

In addition, let's talk about those Joker posters that I refuse to post here. It's racial when it's about Obama, but it's funny when it's about Chimpy McBushHitler Halliburton? Quite frankly, I find both to be ugly and unnecessary and inhibitors to *gasp* civil discourse.

Unfortunately, I think the people pushing both these abominations know that they're going to create a lot of ill will and take focus off the issues, get people angry and fighting.

In the meantime, AARP picks up it's marbles and calls it quits when the kids won't play nice. You don't say what they want to hear and they walk away. Great problem solving. They may as well stick their fingers in their ears and shout, "LA LA LA LA!"

An even scarier indication that our rights to free speech are in peril? The White House is taking names and making lists -- and you can bet it's not going to Santa Claus. You want fascist? Here it is, boys and girls:
“I am not aware of any precedent for a President asking American citizens to report their fellow citizens to the White House for pure political speech that is deemed ‘fishy’ or otherwise inimical to the White House’s political interests,” Cornyn writes

“I can only imagine the level of justifiable outrage had your predecessor asked Americans to forward emails critical of his policies to the White House. I suspect that you would have been leading the charge in condemning such a program -- and I would have been at your side denouncing such heavy-handed government action.”
I don't care which side of the political debate you're on -- this ought to scare the bejeepers out of everyone.

In fact, the Big Brother actions and tactics of our current government even scares the ACLU. When I agree with them, you know we're in a world of hurt -- and, for once, I agree with them.

We need to be respectful of one another and be able to articulate our beliefs and our positions. "You're wrong and you're stupid because you think differently than I do," isn't going to solve anything. If you want to have any rights or autonomy left, it's time to stop shouting and start talking.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

I'm not afraid since so far, I still have my freedom of free speach. Me and a bunch of others are indeed writing to flag@whitehouse.gov with their own bogus stats. :)

AARP used to be good and honest, now they've moved headquarters to DC - literally - makes me wonder what Obama promised them? All I know, is that you don't want to piss off a bunch of seniors!


Northwoods Woman said...

you read vmans book first then tell me if I'll understand it ok?