Leslie's Omnibus

Another Fork In The...

... cake!

And here's my birthday wish: I hope to get to meet the following terrific women whose blogs I follow faithfully some time in the NEAR future:

Meezer Mom Mary
Moonbeam McQueen

And I'm finally getting to meet Vicki next week!

Things mean less and people mean more with each trip around the sun.

As for the rest of my blogging buddies, and you know who you are, thanks for making my life richer in every way.

The only thing that could make this birthday any better would be the one thing I can't have -- the annual telephone call from the Princess Mom.

Ah, well. At least there's Therapy Night tonight. If you're in the Loop, we'll be on the patio at Lloyd's, 1 S. Wacker Drive. If you hear a lot of laughter, that'll be us. Come join in the fun!


leeann said...

Is it your birthday birthday or your blogbirthday? Either way, happiest of days and may therapy night treat you right.

the one at the end of the bar said...

Hope you have/had a Happy Birthday!

Northwoods Woman said...

A very happy birthday to you my dear friend! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday. We'll be thinking about you and the Princess Mom when we cruise next week. Since we don't have a balcony, we'll have to just moon the people on shore. Cancunanne

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again Les!! Wish I got to talk to you, but I was working. I hope it's the best year ever!!!


JihadGene said...

Happy (not crappy) Birthday, Leslie!!!

Barb said...

Happy birthday!!!! Guess what? I had lunch with my husband downtown today. He works right by Lloyd's. Small world, huh?

Anyway, my point is that I got off my butt and took the el, so hopefully we'll be having lunch soon, too. :)

Omnibus Driver said...

Thanks, everybody!

Barb, I'm really proud of you. Yes, lunch soon!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Happy B'day ! ! Sorry I'm late !