Leslie's Omnibus


The Manolo may not think much of these...

... but I'll be I know somebody who'd own 'em in a heartbeat! (And even though I'm not a NASCAR fan, I must admit they do have a certain je ne sais quoi about them.)

And these...
... are just plain fun enough that I'd definitely wear them.

Find both of these and more here.

What goes around comes around. Sweet. Very sweet, indeed.


christine said...

Gosh... your package should arrive any day now! I took it to the postal sub-station on Saturday afternoon, but I suppose Memorial Day slowed everything down to a crawl, huh?

Just so you know, there is something extra included for you -- so don't think I made a mistake. You've always been so sweet to me that I wanted to show my appreciation of your friendship. :)

(If anything needs adjusting, just let me know, kiddo.)



Omnibus Driver said...

I can't wait! (But I might have to wait. Seems Chicago's got the worst mail delivery record in the country!)