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Bus Fumes

Last Sunday night as I was headed off dreamland, I was listening to Nick Digilio on WGN radio. Just as I was about to pass from drowsy into sleep, Nick said something to the effect of, "I wrote a blog. Here's the title. Let me read it to you. It's on my MySpace page."

I shot from semi-slumber to irate wakefulness in a flash. Why? I'd write a post about it, but Jay got there first. Go and read his most excellent rant.

Jeebus. If you're a communications professional, you really should know how to sling the lingo... instead of slaughtering it.


Teresa said...

I don't "get" myspace... it doesn't appeal to me at all... oh well. But myspace is not a blog. Geeze.

Omnibus Driver said...

And writing a post is not writing a blog. The guy must have said "I wrote a blog" about 15 times in fifteen minutes. I thought my head was going to explode.

(Actually, a blog is an option on a MySpace page. Some people use it, some people don't. But, if you do use it, then you're writing a post to a blog... NOT writing a blog.)

Teresa said...

LOL - exactly.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Nick Digilio's podcast about you.