Leslie's Omnibus


Geeze! I went all the way to Austin last year, and didn't get to see this. Yes, we did get a really great tour... but now it looks I'm going to have to go back. We barely missed the bats, and we didn't have a clue about ol' LBJ.

Yep. I think I'm going to need to take a little detour back to Texas, and soon.

Just think of the blog fodder. Hot diggity!

(A tip of the cap to Mimi Smartypants, who gets to see LBJ before I do. I'm insanely jealous.)


Livey said...

I wanna go too!

Nancy said...

Come on down and we'll show you LBJ's ranch. Ladybird still lives there...

Then, there's the peaches in Fredericksburg..

The bats in Austin and dang
we need to find a few music venues... your choice from blues to jazz to country western..

and you have GOT to get to Groene....at the dancehall there.