Leslie's Omnibus

Tootin' the Horn

I'm off and running again -- this time headed off to watch this lovely young lady graduate from law school. (No new posting until Monday -- but I promise pictures next week. LOTS of pictures.)

I'm riding out with her mom and dad -- something I'm really looking forward to. This will be the first time it's just the three of us. They already feel like family. I'm guessing by the end of the weekend, they'll feel like good friends, too.

How blessed I am!


Parker said...

The poem you left on Bad Kitty Cats was beautiful. It gave my Mommy leaky eyes!

The Meezers said...

Miss Marilyn, we tagged you for a meme - come to our blog and see!

Livey said...

How what a wonderful Mother's Day present! I'm so very happy for you my friend! Love ya! Have a great time!