Leslie's Omnibus


Wanna know how my week is going? Just like this. Ugh.

I tried uploading the second Elderly Brothers video to YouTube, but apparently the file is too big. It features Denny (being anything but grouchy or old) and Jim doing Rocky Raccoon on guitar and dueling kazoos. Want a copy for yourself? Drop me an email at Omnibus dot Driver at gmail dot com. I'll forward a CD with both videos for you!

Ooooooh! Two of my favorite things -- wine and the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Anybody want to go on that Sunday?


Nancy said...

I wanna GOOOOOOOOO!!!!


it's a bit far to drive tho, ain't it?

Livey said...

Oh I would love to go!

vicki said...

Okay. I'm in. Seriously. We just need to find a designated driver...