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A few more blogthings that are almost too accurate for comfort:

You Date Like a Man

According to studies on dating, you date like a man.

You date casually and frequently, getting serious with select people over time.

Physical attraction and chemistry is very important to you.

And if there's nothing more than a physical connection, that's okay with you (at least for a while).

You are definitely looking for love, but you are in no rush to find it.

You figure love will eventually come your way, and you're not going to live like a [nun] while you're waiting!


You May Be a Bit Obsessive Compulsive...

Meticulous and detailed oriented, you have some irrational obsessions.

Maybe it's your super neat closet or washing your hands a gazillion times.

You probably know it's weird, but you just can't stop thinking about it.

In fact, the more you think about your quirks, the more you have to do them.


Your Pickup Line Is

Ay carumba...are those real?


Your Power Bird is a Vulture

You are always changing your life and the lives of those around you.

You aren't afraid to move on from what holds you back.

Energetic and powerful, you have a nearly unlimited capacity for success.

You know how to "go with the flow" and take advantage of what is given to you.


Chickie Carmarthen
is practicing a little Freudian therapy. Okay. I'll play:

1. Puff - Daddy

2. Change - Agent

3. Trapeze - Dress

4. Hard - Working

5. Nice - Boring

Spit-take warning: Looky what Christine's artistic eye discovered.

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Chickie Carmarthen said...

You have the least perverted answers of any of my blog buddies! Congratulations!