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MMPC sent me the following email just a little bit ago:
Hey guys,

Two of my crazy rugby friends have come up with a crazy scheme to meet Bruce Willis. If you get the chance please vote for my friend.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dawn McKenzie
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 16:14:22 -0500
Subject: [siuwrfcloads] Check out the NEWS tomorrow morning

Dearest Family and Friends!

I am writing to tell you to turn on the news tomorrow morning to FOX in the morning at 7am. Yours truly will be featured shaving Nova’s head in her pursuit to win a contest called “What would you do to meet Bruce Willis?”

Nova is a dear friend from college that is in love with Bruce Willis. While in college, a couple of us went with her to see him in concert in Sauget, IL and all either got kicked out or arrested. Fortunately, I was not arrested, but Nova on the other hand, had to spend the night in the clink! If that wasn’t enough to show her love to Mr. Willis, she has vowed to FOX that she is willing to shave her head AND get a tattoo that says “I HEART BRUCE” on her body in order to meet her heart throb. The producer found a tattoo artist to perform the tattoo but Nova had to find a friend to shave her head. That is where I come in.

Tomorrow morning, we will first cut off Nova’s pony tail in order to donate her hair to Locks of Love (see this IS for a good cause.) Then it is free range! We were thinking of first doing the traditional Bradshaw cut (see attachment) or potentially a mullet (again, see attachment.) Character points will go a long ways! Everyone needs to vote in order for Nova to win. She is up against 4 other Bruce Willis fans who are willing to do more crazy things in order to meet the man.

We are asking you to not only watch the segment but simply vote for Nova at www.myfoxchicago.com after the segment airs. Voting will take place on the website under the entertainment section. Voting takes place Friday through Sunday with the winner getting announced Monday morning. The winner gets to not only meet Bruce Willis but go to his Die Hard premiere in London and Berlin.

The woman is shaving her head for christ’s sake, please vote.

Happy voting!

Please help MMPC help her friends out here. Vote early and vote often, will ya?

Update: Here's the link to the video.

Here's where you go to vote: http://wfld.4wmt.com/default.aspx?go=

Go vote now.

Hey! The voting is very, very close. Will a few of you guys who can pull out the big guns toss me a link or two here? I'd be forever obliged!

C'mon! We can't let backbend chick win out over a kid who shaved her head AND is wiling to permanently defile herself! Go vote, if you haven't already!

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Legal Pauper said...

I can't believe bendy chick and pillow guy are beating me friend. Totally ridiculous.