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Norse Pastafarians prefer Vikings to pirates?

“I have communed with the Great Pasta at length,” Tundra said, “and it has told me that we must produce more Vikings or the Earth is doomed. It also said that I should really reduce my peyote button intake.”

The new sect, called the Norse Pastafarians, have suggested that the false religion fell into the trap of thinking it was pirates that have caused so many disasters because they do not take a “long, historical view” of human history. They also do not believe in redundancy.

El Capitan isn't going to like that idea... especially the bit about reduction of peyote button intake.

(A tip of the cap to the Conservative Cat.)

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El Capitan said...

Peyote? Oh, no no NO!

I'm all about low-impact pharmaceuticals and intoxicants.

Having to barf your guts up prior to departing on your chemically powered journey strikes me as no fun at all!