Leslie's Omnibus

Brother, Can You Spare...

... a cowbell? I'm going to Helen, GA to meet that crazy bunch of people I missed when I had to give up my trip to the Wrekyll in Jekyll... and a few more that I'm also really looking forward to meeting.

So I write to V-Man and ask him if I should bring some of this native Chicago treat. What does he respond? "We need more Frangoes. And cowbell."

So I'm asking: Anybody got a cowbell they can lend me? I aim to fulfill this mission.


Christina said...

Have a great time!!!

; )

og said...

Damn, you're going to Helen? sonofabitch, I'm jealous. Bring me back the Red Hat.

Omnibus Driver said...

Forget the Big Red Hat. Let's organize our own blog meet right here. Seems to me there are a hell of a lot of us in the great state of Illinois!

(In the meantime, I intend to have a wheeeeeeee of a time in Helen. Shall I raise a glass in your honor there?)

og said...

If you DON't make a toast to the Great and Powerful Og, I will consider it a great affront.

og said...

As far as the blogmeet here, email me at mhardig-at-aol.com

I can get a couple hoosier bloggers.

Oh, and welcome to the blogroll, sorry it took so long.