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I don't have to be Catholic or particularly conservative for feminazi bullshit like this to give me a splitting headache. Jesus neutered. Cripes!

We might as well say: 1) God is anything you want him/her/it to be; 2) change any church doctrine that makes you feel icky; 3) if it feels good, do it.

Spare me from social and moral apologists, okay?

I'm not a usually the Oracle of Doom and Gloom, but Christians seem to be committing acts of societal suicide at an astounding rate, especially American Christians.

And if I feel this way, imagine how Kim DuToit will react...

Speaking of societal suicide, it appears our friends in the UK aren't all that far behind us. (Can we go back to paddling now?)

A couple of quick political notes:

This is the only acknowledgement I will make of Cindy Sheehan. I'm sorry her son died. But she's not the only mother who has lost a son or daughter in battle, and she does not speak for anyone but herself. The only way to stop this craziness is to ignore her. Totally.

The same goes for that moonbat Fred Phelps.

Their messages are hateful, and they thrive on media attention. This is the last they get of mine.

And now for more barking moonbat lunacy, the California Food Police are at it again. Good golly, Miss Molly! If you aren't already leery of the grease, salt and carbohydrates contained in french fries and chips, now you have to be worried about some chemical that may or may not be harmful? We might as well stop eating, drinking and breathing right now, if that's the case. Who knows what harmful stuff we may be ingesting at any given second?

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