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Hump Day

Quote of the Day:
"I am in full nip denial." -- Nancy Grace

My take on DWTS this week?
  • My crystal ball for the Final 3 -- J.R. Martinez, Rikki Lake, Chynna Phillips
  • Much improved -- Nancy Grace, Rob Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari
  • Meh -- Hope Solo
  • Needs a medic, stat! Chaz Bono
  • Needs to quit horsing around in rehearsals and pay attention to the dances -- Carson Kressley, David Arquette
  • Won't miss her one little bit (buh-bye!) -- Elizabetta Canalis
  • Going home next week -- Chaz Bono, strictly based on his crunchy knees, not his heart or his efforts

The Kindle Fire debuted today, and it's a thing of beauty:

Now the question is, do I pre-order the 7" version, or wait for the larger model, which I understand will debut after Christmas? Decisions, decisions...

You remember that recent post about the critter that squicks me out in a major way? Well, it seems the freaking things have shown up in U.S. waters!
A six-year-old girl who went fishing in a Texas lake using a piece of a hot dog as bait got more than she bargained for when she landed her very first catch - a flesh-eating piranha.

Lindsey Schutte and her parents took the fish home in a bucket unaware of its true identity - until it sank its razor-edged teeth into her seven-year-old brother's hand when he tried to play with it.

(I'm guessing some idiot emptied his aquarium into the lake, never dreaming this might happen.)

Recycling on a very large scale?
It was designed to deter the red threat from the old Soviet Union, but now a Cold War-era missile has had the cobwebs brushed off to launch a U.S. military satellite.

The Peacekeeper, also known as an MX or intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), became part of America’s nuclear arsenal back in 1986 but was decommissioned in 2004.

Converted into a Minotaur IV rocket, it successfully blasted a Tactical Satellite-4 (TacSat-4) into space from a launchpad in Alaska.
How cool is that?

What happens when bad karma and fed up neighbors collide?
They want the next person to think twice before walking into their community and taking advantage of their friends.

“I think you give a message. You come to our neighborhood. You mess around. You are going to get taken out.”
Love it, love it, LOVE IT!


Anonymous said...

Hey Les!

Really hated Carson insult the Tea Party and told my sister not to vote for him, since she is into it like you!

Miss you,

diamond dave said...

Piranhas in a Texas lake? Talk about an invasive species...