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Sez Who?
"There Is Nobody In This Country Who Got Rich On His Own"
Right. I wish Darling Daddy was still alive to hear that one. As it is, I imagine his urn is spinning like a top...

Liar, liar, pants on fire:
Commissioners Joan Patricia Murphy and Deborah Sims said Wednesday they never had any intention of abiding by a budget deal that called on most of the 23,000 county employees to take five floating furlough days and abide by five government shutdown days without pay this year.

Their fellow Democratic Commissioners William Beavers and Earlean Collins also have said in recent days that they’re not taking the time off without pay, calling the furlough and shutdown days illegal pay cuts....

The commissioners referred to the Illinois Constitution, which doesn’t allow for an increase or decrease in pay during the term of an elected leader serving in local government. That doesn’t prevent commissioners, who earn $85,000 annually, from voluntarily electing to give up some of their pay. [emphasis mine]
Pay attention, people. You elected these lying sacks of excrement. You can vote them out as well.

Simon Cowell is an idiot for swapping out Cheryl Cole, a staple of the UK version who mentored several winners of that show and who was quite charming on the first episode of the US version of The X Factor, for Nicole Scherzinger, who didn't bring nearly enough experience and backbone to the table.

He must not have any faith that those of us on this side of the pond can actually comprehend the King's English. Or have any taste whatsoever. Thanks a lot, Simon.

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Hey Les,

Could not agree more about Warren!



Plus I really love his headlines, they crack me up with the bad news!

Miss you!