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I loved Rob Kroese's "Mercury Falls" and can't wait for "Mercury Rises," so I was delighted to receive this email from Rob today:

Jonesing for the October 18 release of Mercury Rises? Sate your thirst for cherubic smartassery with "Mercury Swings," a short story now available as a free Kindle download!

Travel back in time to ancient Mesopotamia, where Mercury is on one of his very first assignments for the Apocalypse Bureau. His mission: to prevent the the jazz age from arriving 3800 years too early. Aided or impeded by such colorful characters as a funk weed-smoking bouncer; Enoch, the precocious sax player; and a goat named Taco; Mercury must make it out of an anachronistic watering hole unscathed. Will Mercury manage to extract Enoch via an interplanar portal and beat it back to Babylon before humankind evolves Bronze Age flappers? And will he ever get the hang of transmogrification? Find out in "Mercury Swings!"

Rob Kroese

P.S.: Don't have a Kindle? No problem! Just download a free Kindle reader app for your PC/phone/iPad/butter churn/etc.
Rob (f/k/a Diesel) is a funny, funny guy. Go get the freebie, and I'm positive you'll want to read the other two books!

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