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Now this just pisses me off:
The world’s most famous White House intern reportedly is living a fairly lonely, solitary life and, while not as desperate as profiled in the National Enquirer, “Monica’s situation is certainly not a happy one,” a source very close to Lewinsky told me....

“I hate to make a bad pun — but she is permanently stained by that scandal.”
How is it that a naive intern gets "permanently stained" for her unfortunate bad judgment and the asshole boss, who should have been older and wiser but absolutely overstepped boundaries and was impeached for god's sake, gets paid big bucks as a speaker and lives a perfectly happy life?

It's time for a the big wheel of karma to turn up something better for Ms. Lewinsky, and for it to roll right over that idiot Clinton.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

Because he's Slick Willy, and the media loves him. She's the villain who tried to take down a President, in their eyes.