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My friend Mike blew into town to clear out the cobwebs and stretch his legs a bit. This is a look backwards (literally) at our day yesterday:

Oh! And we had dinner at Ma & I. Pear sake, prosecco, wasabi shiu mai, tuna, cold smoked salmon, wasabi and pickled ginger in great quantity, Panang curry (with chicken), green tea ice cream. Faaaaaaaaabulous!

Ear Worm of the Day:

I heard this this morning on Rick Kogan's The Sunday Papers show on WGN Radio, and it's been bouncing around my brain pan ever since. Lovely!

I'm off to brunch at the Sugar Bowl. Catch you in a bit!


Remember those lovely people who were so kind to the motherless, dying child of their neighbor? My Barstool Blog Son has the video evidence of their sincere expression of sympathy and follow-up offer of friendship.

My belief in the great Karmic Wheel was affirmed when I saw this news today:
'Devil of Detroit St' woman who taunted terminally ill girl is now arrested after 'trying run down' another neighbour in her car
Let me perform the introductions -- Petard, Hoist. Hoist, Petard.

Here's a little tip about what to do when you're faced with a person who is passed out cold before the paramedics arrived.

Good stuff to know!

Only five chapters to go? Be still, my heart! (But I'm not holding my breath. Really, I'm not.)

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