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One of the benefits of being on the board of an Irish theater company is that you stumble across some interesting things on the sets. Me? I want this whole Feckin set.

(P.S. -- This weekend is your last chance to see The Weir. Go see it! You'll thank me.)

Giggle of the Day:

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Actually, you could probably say this about any of the women President Tin-Ear chose to take to Washington, D.C.:
"You kind of have to drop the standard for the [insert name here], right?" the official explained late Thursday. "I mean, she's pretty well liked and probably doesn't know what she's doing."
No, we don't have to drop that standard (unless of course, she's a New Black Panther, and that's a whole 'nuther kettle of fish).

She's supposed to lead by example and follow the law like every other citizen of this fair land.

I'm with J. Christian Adams:
Is this the worst thing to afflict an election? Of course not. Armed New Black Panthers were obviously much worse. In the larger scheme of things, Michelle Obama’s lawbreaking is authentic “small potatoes.” But someone in her position has a higher obligation to the institutions our nation treasures, like the rule of law.

The stand-up response from the first lady, and the White House press shop, would be to admit a mistake, affirm they believe in respect of the rules that protect election integrity. But this isn’t a stand-up administration. Like the stonewall that followed the New Black Panther dismissal, we have learned that this is an administration incapable of admitting they screwed up.

But they're only allowed to find fault with others -- never with themselves.
As the National Football League investigates whether quarterback Brett Favre sent lewd photos of himself to a female employee of the New York Jets in 2008, many women -- and men -- are asking the question: Why would any grown man send photos like that in the first place?
I have my own theories about that, including that for a lot of men, sex is affection and he's showing you just how much he likes you. In fact, he's probably showing you who he thinks he is.

But since I'm not a guy, I'm throwing this out to my male readers. I'm not saying you would do this, but help a girl out and give me the hows and whys of some guys thinking this is a good idea.

Okay, it's not just me -- the number of suicides in this area has been much higher than normal:
[T]he number of people who have taken their own lives so far this year already is approaching or has overtaken 2009's overall tally.
Boy, I hope we can get our arms around recognition and prevention very soon.

If you know something, speak out. Don't think someone's kidding if they talk about ending it all.
A 2010 study by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that adults ages 18 to 25 were far more likely to have seriously considered suicide in the last year than those ages 26 to 49, and nearly three times more likely than those 50 or older.
If they're talking about it at all, find help fast.

Who knew the Reb Smuley was this smart and open minded?
Homosexuality is a religious, not a moral, sin. A moral sin involves injury to an innocent party. Who is harmed when two unattached, consenting adults are in a relationship? Homosexuality is akin to the prohibition against lighting fire on the Sabbath or eating bread during Passover; there is nothing immoral about it, but it violates the divine will.

I am in favor of gay civil unions rather than marriage because I am against redefining marriage. But gay marriage doesn't represent the end of Western civilization. The real killer is the tsunami of divorce and the untold disruption to children who become yo-yos going from house to house on weekends.
Just so.

(A tip of the cap to the Advice Goddess.)

I'm off to an architectural pub crawl in Bridgeport tonight -- four Irish pubs! Thus, my Ear Worm of the Day is distinctly Irish:


P.S. -- Jihad Gene says, "It's Friday! Let's Dance!"

I'll be doing a jig. How about you?

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