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Quote of the Day:
In Scandinavia, the Danish people come from Denmark, the Norwegians come from Norway, and the Lapdancers come from Lapland.
... and, for Elisson:
Sir Walter Raleigh circumcised the world with a big clipper.

Ye Gods! Ken Levine's post about his latest stay in Florida caused me to dust off a memory that had crawled into a crevice in the back of my brain and probably would have withered and died there:
Florida is the home of many fun attractions. Disney World is okay but even better, in Naples, is “Jungle Larry’s Safari”. It’s a seedy zoo with drugged animals.
Jungle Larry! Jungle Larry was a frequent guest on The Captain Penny Show when I was a kid, and we all wanted to go to visit his Jungle Safari at Cedar Point... especially to see liger (or was it tiglon?) cubs. (Or am I just imagining that? Argh!)

And that has spawned the Ear Worm of the Day (Captain Penny's theme song):


Giggle of the Day:



Mike said...

I remember that as a Louis Prima tune, on a trumpet. But it's older than Louis, too.

The Old Man said...

Dear God, it blows my mind how many good blogs have their roots in the Mistake on the Lake....