Leslie's Omnibus


There are a few folks out there in the blogosphere who've been bonked on the head by the wand of Auntie Omnibus.

Auntie Omnibus, you see, has a special place in her heart for those in need, those who are hurting... and those who dare to dream big dreams. She's asking for your help to make a big dream come true:
I love working as a location scout, and I love doing this website – but to be honest, I work in film because I want to be a filmmaker. And, next year, I’m planning on finally directing my first feature length movie. I’ve been writing and revising my screenplay for the past two years, and it’s time to to put it all on the line.

So here’s my request:

If you’re a reader of Scouting NY, and have enjoyed my writing over the past two years, would you consider donating a few dollars to help me make my movie?

If everyone who reads the site just donated $5 or $10, I’d be in great shape. If everyone gave $10 or $20, I’d be in the stars, and if everyone gave a little more…Wow. Even a buck or two would be just fine – honestly, every bit counts. I don’t really make any money from the site (ha, for the first year, I was actually losing money paying the monthly bills), but that’s never been the point, and never will be the point.

Go drop a few shekels in Scout's PayPal account, will you?

It's dreams like this that warm the cockles of a Fairy Blog Auntie's heart...

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