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To The Hon. Virginia Phillips, I say thank you.

When this...
[T]he incoming Marine commandant, Gen. Joseph Amos, and his predecessor, Gen. James Conway, both have told Congress that they think most Marines would be uncomfortable with the change and that the current policy works.
... is the only reason you don't want gays in the military, you've already lost that argument. It's the same argument that kept blacks out of the military or serving in separate units. It's the same argument that kept women out of the military. And look who's serving side by side with the old boy network in the military today!

You don't like it? Too bad. You played with them at recess. You studied with them. You sat next to them in school and you showered with them during PE. You should be used to being around them by now.

Any citizen who wants to serve in the military and can pass basic training and technical training should have the same right as anyone else to put on a uniform and protect and serve this country.

Grow a pair and deal with it already.

For all of you generous types out there that still support philanthropies, here are the 20 Worst in the U.S. If you're going to be generous, I'm sure you'd like to be getting the best bang for your buck.

Petrol-powered super scooter? I've got a pal who I could easily see driving one of those...





I love a good love story, and this two-hanky tale, found via the lovely Christa Terry, is special indeed.

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