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Quote of the Day:
"I've had at least 8 beers, 5 nights in a row. I've got to get out of here....
...So I can get up and do it again tomorrow!"
(And no -- this is not attributable to CharlieDelta... unless he's been in New York City lately...

Okay, now I'm disappointed:
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who is seeking re-election next week, said today he will not run for Chicago mayor next February.
That stinks, because I think he could have easily won... and I like him.

Weather Update:

So just how windy was it yesterday? Here are some of the effects of Tuesday's wind and rain storm:
  • The wind severely damaged three small planes parked and tied down at DuPage Airport. One plane became unsecured from the straps that held it down and flipped into a parking lot; another came loose from its ties and smashed into a third plane. No one was hurt.
  • Willis Tower decided to close its Skydeck observatory and pull in "The Ledge" attraction. The Ledge's four glass boxes, which jut out from the building's 103rd floor, were retracted as a precaution.
  • The Chicago Park District closed the Lincoln Park Conservatory on the North Side and the Garfield Park Conservatory on the West Side, which have glass roofs, because of safety concerns.
  • Semi-trailer trucks pulling double trailers or other oversized loads were temporarily banned from driving on the Indiana Toll Road.
  • Airlines canceled 500 flights at O'Hare Airport, causing ripple effects on travel nationwide.
  • The City of Chicago received 408 calls to 311 about tree damage, meaning either a branch or an entire tree came down.
Yep. That's windy alright! And today, while not as bad as yesterday, the wind is still an issue:
The worst appears over, although some more strong winds are expected.

A wind warning is in effect today until 7 p.m. with southwest winds of 30 to 40 mph and gusts up to 60 mph, according to the National Weather Service.
Lets just say it makes for some interesting hair styles...

My buddy and fellow voracious reader Mike has a Nook and I'm a Kindle kind of gal, which has made for some interesting and spirited discussions about which is superior (e-reader, that is). Mike sent me an email celebrating the news that the new Nook is slightly larger, comes in different colors and has a full color screen. I asked about whether it was back-lit or e-ink, and sure as shootin' it's back-lit.

Here's my take on it -- if you think the iPad is beautiful but all you really want it for is a reader and some basic apps, the new Nook fits the bill and for a hell of a lot cheaper.

That back-lighting thing, though?
"Using a computer is one of the most alerting things you can do. A light on a computer is very strong and right in front of your eyes. A computer will shift your biological clock and run signals to the brain to be on the alert," explains Gill, who cautions to avoid using a computer before bedtime and when you get up because you are unable to sleep.
Bugger! I guess we'll keep holding out for color e-ink...

Not only is the idea of a treehouse in Manhattan just cool beans, the execution is lovely, too!

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