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Appearances Can Be Deceptive

I'd like to think the face of evil is utterly recognizable and immediately repugnant. That's not how evil works, however.

Evil can be frightening.

Evil can be seductive.

Evil can also be disguised by the blandest of facades. That is the face of evil that was the last Toni Keller ever saw.

And once again a casual acquaintance of a murderer blurts out the stupidest of comments:
"He was a really sweet guy," she said. "Anytime we needed anything, he would help out."
Yep. Just the kind of guy you'd want to bring home to mom.

I'm glad they found him so quickly. I only wish his punishment could match his crime.


The Meezers or Billy said...

his eyes are just empty and soul-less. - MMM

og said...

Never judge a book...