Leslie's Omnibus

Storm Warnings

There's a very strange feeling in the air today. Not a squirrel to be seen in the squirrel capital of the universe. A young doe dashed through the center of town in broad daylight. Normally, the air is filled with birdsong, and there's not a peep to be heard.

The sky is gray, the air is thick and humid.

I think we're in for a humdinger of a storm.

I'm going home to batten down the hatches.


The Meezers said...

did you get your bad storm?

Omnibus Driver said...

We've been having bad storms off and on for a week. Basements have flooded, power has been out, trees downed -- NOT FUN. So far, 2009 has been the wettest year on record for Chicago.

I'm starting to sprout moss between my toes...