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Ear Worm of the Day is a two-fer:

It's all Mostly Cajun's fault. (Just goes to show you never can tell.)

(And I've never heard of this Rich Voisine before, but you can bet he's going on my regular play list!)

Giggle of the day:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Here's a good and reasonable take on fixing our broken healthcare system.

And what do I agree with most?

As a flaming moderate I get to offend people on all sides. We need to fix our system. It is broken. It is not a playground for those who like to argue. It is not a place to be liberal or conservative. This is our care we are talking about, not someone else’s. The solution will only come when we all come to the table as potential patients and fix the system for ourselves.

Too right.

Here's the real sad part about the Ricci decision, and what worries me about the decisions Sotomayor may come up with if/when she's on the Supreme Court.

Not good. Not good at all.

With BlogHer coming up soon, I thought maybe I'd hire a driver for Miss Nancy.

Whaddaya think?

P.S. -- Nancy? We need to start RSVPing for our parties of choice!

It won't be long now!

I'm Going to BlogHer '09
I'm Going to BlogHer '09


Anonymous said...

Too late now - our Fascist president is much faster than I thought he would be! And his kind don't believe in our constitution and unfortunately, socialist are always tied to eugenics. I fear for us!


Nancy said...

humm Leslie.. I'm not sure I want to go to a mommyparty, other than that, I'm open to anything.