Leslie's Omnibus


It was an interesting night in Chicago last night.

First, there was the 2009 World Naked Bike Ride:
Chicago's past events included many hundreds of cyclist and numerous inline skaters, and covered over a dozen miles of high visibility city areas. In 2008 the 5th annual event drew a staggering 1700 riders! Blessed by decent summer weather in a great cycling city, the event has grown into a fantastic rolling celebration, with similarities to other major alternative parades world-wide. Participants often describe it as a transcendent group experience, personally transforming, and beyond superlative.

Update: Now even more up-to-date photos.

Then there was this little incident.

How'd you like to explain those road rash scars?


Northwoods Woman said...

Haha, I couldn't read anymore after this comment:
Deborah "Clotted Cream Aficionado" E. says:

More power to them if they go naked. But all I can think of is "Juicy Butt Crack Smell on Bike Seat."

Omnibus Driver said...

I just hope somebody thought to bring along a case of Clorox wipes...