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Calling All Code Warriors

My buddy Redneck is having some serious issues with Google and Firefox since both recently did upgrades. And it's affecting another friend, whose site he hosts.

If you can get to his site, you're probably using an old version of Internet Explorer.

If you get the Red Wall of Doom ("Danger! Danger! Run, Will Robinson! Malware MIGHT be here!), you're using Google, Google Chrome or Firefox.

I sent my pal the contact information for Google to see if he couldn't find someone to tell him what particular malware they might be detecting, and this is the result:
Thought you might find this... amusing. I called the page number you
reference below, the lady said they don't have technical support. She
proceeded to tell me that unless I had a first name and a last name of a person
there, that I could not speak to anyone.

Basically, they're holding not one, but two blogs hostage, and they offer no explanations and no help to figure out: 1) if it's malware; and, 2) how to identify it.

Redneck, who is colorful in his language on the best of days, has spent more time appologizing for the "f-bombs" he's dropped in our conversations over the past couple of weeks than he has, I'm sure, for the past couple of years.

All he wants to do is be able to delete whatever malware Google and Firefox allege he has on his (and our friend's who he is hosting's) site(s) and get back to business as usual.

To say the least, he's upset with both services, but especially Google, which has been anything but helpful.

He feels his weblog and the owner of the blog he hosts weblog have been hijacked. He is furious that his freedom of speech is being wrenched away from him.

Here's what I know -- he's self-hosted. He uses a Word Press template. He occasionally posts a music stream link. He's turned himself inside out comparing the data that was fine before Google went Chrome and before Firefox updated to his current data -- line by line of code. There's no difference.

He's been told that his site "might" be hosting malware, and that Google and Firefox will not remove the warnings until he can prove that there's no malware there.

An angry Redneck is an ugly thing.

He can't be the only one.

If there's anyone out there that is currently dealing with this nonsense, or who has successfully fought and won, or might have a clue how to help him, please email me at omnibus-dot-driver-at-gmail-dot-com and I'll pass the info along.

I promised him I'd throw a lifeline out. Is there anyone out there who can reel him in?


Anonymous said...

Sent you an email - hope it helps your friend.


Mike said...

Goggle IS the malware.

FWIW, I have no problems with either site (in your links) in the latest IE, Firefox, or Safari. I don't have Google, and there are no plans to change that.

RedNeck said...

I can't find any malware in the code anywhere. I can make FF stop showing the page by setting the option to "Want me of attack sites" off.

Thanks for all the help folks.