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Road Report - Dingle

Photos from Dingle wouldn't be complete without...

... this little peanut, who was out for a jaunt with her Grandpa (click to embiggen -- she's just adorable)...

... and Rachel Lucas swears by critter photos as part of any travelogue:
How could I pass up a Dingle donkey?

Hoping for a handout.

This little dog has the run of the Red Murphy's, not the Green Murphy's.

This cute guy guards a local art gallery.

I had to look high and low to find a cat. This sweet Tortie obliged.

This cute guy belongs to the brother of the owner of the Green Murphy's. (Are you keeping this all straight?)

And because Teresa loves her stone walls...

This river comes down from the mountains and feeds into Dingle Bay.
The mountains and hills are covered in furze.

This beautiful garden runs along the river in front of the Captain's House.

And a visit to Dingle wouldn't be complete with more pictures from Dingle Bay:

Fishing nets and floats.

My favorite photo from this trip. Who knew a point-and-shoot could get a shot this lovely?

I just got an email from Aer Lingus. They're offering special rates for certain dates in October if you order your ticket by June 16th. I'm really, really tempted...


JihadGene said...

Excellent photos! Loved 'em all.

Anonymous said...

.... great shots.... I will be quite near there this September!...