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*Chortles gleefully*

Seems ol' Perez has gotten himself in the bad graces of GLAAD, who rightfully pointed out that his attack on Will.i.am (or however the hell it is you mangle the name) was hate speech.

Gonna be interesting to see if the bitchy Queen will eat crow. (And, no -- it's not hate speech when he calls himself "The Queen of All Media.")

Tammi has written one hell of a post regarding my biggest beef with President Chicken Little:
You, Sir, are an executive. The highest in this land, as fate would have it. And as such, in a position with the responsibilities you hold, you gotta step up.
It's a thing of beauty, and bang-on accurate.

Ever wonder where President Chicken Little got his peculiar fiscal strategy? Look no further than Mayor Shortshanks:
As Telander notes, the Chicago Olympic bid is $4.8 billion. By comparison, the entire City of Chicago budget is just a shade under $6 billion. Daley is committing almost 80% of an entire year's worth of budget to a sporting event that was never even offered to the voters for an opinion. That's no money for jobs, social programs, building, clean-up, pensions, schools, whatever, for one entire year out of the next seven. Spent on a one-time blow out sporting event that will strain resources and put heretofore unknown pressures on an infrastructure that is already crumbling.
I swear, it's something in the water here in the great state of Illinois.

Quote of the Day:
Now is it just me, or do these skirts look like someone put a tube sock on a ferret and let it roll around for a while*?
Gave me the giggles, this did.

Are you traveling by plane this summer?

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Ken Levine has some really helpful travel notes here. The most useful tidbit?
Instead of jotting your parking location on a scrap of paper that you’ll surely lose, take a picture of with you camera phone. Same with your luggage so when it arrives destroyed you’ll have some record.
Yup. Tucking that into the ol' memory banks for my upcoming trips.

You know I love the funny stuff. Two new sources of never-ending amusement? Not Always Right and Tweeting Too Hard. You'll thank me for this... or curse me roundly for getting you hooked.

Some days there's nothing that trips my trigger over at The Bacon Show.

And then...
My arteries just whimpered while my taste buds danced a jig. I'm in deep doo-doo here.

Giggle of the Day:



Joanie said...

Asiago, potato, and bacon gratin? I'm so there!

And thanks for the bunnies. I'll pay more attention to them than I will the flight attendants this weekend.

JihadGene said...

More proof that orange colored cats are nuts.