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TOTUS, Big Guy and French gays. *Snicker*

I'm telling you, you've really gotta tune in to this guy any Sunday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. As far as I can tell, he thinks the U.S. really should convert to Socialism, we aren't paying enough in taxes, we're too interested in other people's affairs, especially those of public officials, and it doesn't matter whether those people are conducting those affairs on the public's nickel... Not. Our. Business. Oh! And if you disagree with him he's likely to ask if you're either gay or a sexual deviate.


Mark it down on your calendar and give him a listen so I don't have to. I'm tired of throwing things and yelling at the radio.

Take a wander over to Jimbo's Deli. It's the only political lunch spot in the country where you'll actually know what it is you're ordering up.

Things I Didn't Know:
You can donate platelets twice within a seven-day period if there is at least 72 hours between donations. You may donate up to 24 times a year.
... and...
Donor eligibility criteria are the same for both platelet and whole blood donors. You can donate platelets 72 hours after donating whole blood. If you donate platelets first, you can donate whole blood 72 hours later.
The problem is, once my local blood bank got their hooks into me and knew I'd do the platelets thing, they started calling and emailing me the guilt-inducing "critical shortage" notices just about every 72 hours.

I'm happy to help out, but I really can't be taking off for 2-1/2 hours every three days. And if they had their way, I'd do those 24 donations in the span of 12 weeks. Sheesh!

Update: Three phone calls and two emails in one day trying to get me back in there ASAP. I donated last Tuesday.

If you live in Chicago, LifeSource is experiencing a critical shortage of all blood products, but platelets in particular. Go donate, if you can. (But don't give them a good email or home phone number, whatever you do, or they'll hunt you down like a dog forever.)

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- both of my parents received multiple transfusions of both whole blood and platelets during the course of their cancer treatments.

It may be your kid or your parent or other loved one who needs it one of these days.

I may bitch a little, but I know just how important this is, and how little 2-1/2 hours of time really is.

Just do it.

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And now, a moment of bacon-y bliss.

Ear Worm of the Day:

Oh, heck. Let's make it a two-fer:

Songs of summer from my young and carefree days!


CharlieDelta said...

..."shocked and hurt.."

Yeah, that sounds about right! That's what they do best isn't it? :-)

Mine do at least...

Anonymous said...

I yell and shake my head at Glenn Beck every night too! Tonight his hopeful news was that when we bail out California, it will drag those idiots down the drain sooner. They think that we won't remember who voted for Cap N' Trade on Friday. Which includes all the laws in place to have our standards for energy and construction in line with that failing state. I swear, I don't know how I wake up every day! Barrie

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Anonymous said...

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