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Well, I'll be darned. It lives and breathes.

Giggle of the Day:

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I heard my very own Darling Daddy utter those words on an almost daily basis.

Totus gives up the goodies
on his lady pals. My favorite?

Plugs 1, Joe Biden's Teleprompter: Once you wipe the crayon doodlings off her screens, and reboot the hard drive from dis-use, she's kind of cute.

Giggled myself silly, I did.

I always did say Laura Bush shows a lot of class:

Mrs. Bush said her husband will have no comment on any Obama decisions. He feels that as a former president, "he owes President Obama his silence on issues and there's no reason to second-guess any decisions he makes," Mrs. Bush said.

Sure would be nice if that were reciprocal.

Expect to see this happening here, too, come the next round of elections.

GPS shoes
for Granny? Good idea. Now can I have them for each of my bosses, too? (I've been threatening to sew LoJack sensors into the cuffs of their slacks for years.)

When's the last time you checked up on your kids' state college tuition savings plan?

The Reusche family of Elburn invested in the most conservative option within the Illinois Bright Start college savings plan for their four children.

They were shocked to see a 38 percent loss of value at the end of 2008 since this government securities fund should not have been affected by the stock market decline.

That's downright scary stuff.

Ear Worm of the Day:


Once again, TOTUS has me in fits of giggles:

When the turbines are completed, we estimate that Joe Biden's verbal output will power those windmills to generate enough power to keep Lady M's motorized shoe rack moving 24-7.

YOU try keeping a straight face. I can't do it.


JihadGene said...

My Dad hated flies. It had to be because of his time at Guadalcanal during WWII. He was nice to us kids, though...with fly-swatter in hand (all summer long)... he would yell at us kids to close the door before we let the flies out. Now I hold the fly-swatter and think good things of him.

JihadGene said...

I remember my Dad would yell at us (for leaving the lights on) "I'm only an electrician...not LBJ!"

Anonymous said...

By happening here next elections, I hope you don't mean that we see America on the socialist list... I mean any more than we've already done these past 6 mos. :(

I found a new show to watch Sunday - CSPAN has the British House of Commons on every week. Very cool stuff and it doesn't get me upset since I don't really know anyone!