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Road Conditions

The Sun Times has it right:

Mostly Sunny


Eric Zorn asks, "How Cold Is It?"

And one of my coworkers sent this little tidbit earlier today:

Fun fact of the day... It is colder here than at the North pole! The latest temperature data for the North Pole says it is -15.3 Celsius (+4.5 F), it looks like it got as low as -4 F at its lowest point yesterday.

North Pole Temp: http://psc.apl.washington.edu/northpole/


debt relief said...

Further reasons why people have moved to Arizona in droves. A family in the midwest refused to go outside recently due to the cold weather while we enjoyed weather in the low 70's.

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Hi Leslie,

I did not understand what the bus has to do with it. It went over my head lol sorry about that.

H2o said...

Oh boy... I'm glad I live on the Gulf coast. High here was 59 degrees and that's cold to me. Stay warm!