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The Advice Goddess coins a new term. I giggle myself silly for hours... and then I swipe it, merrily. Betcha you will, too.

The Presidents of the Field Museum of Natural History and the Lincoln Park Zoo take salary cuts due to the economy. Kudos, gentlemen.

Mayor Shortshanks and his band of Merry Aldermen, on the other hand, pretend the well will never run dry.

Chicago -- the city that... never ceases to amaze.

Did you know?
Funeral procession laws vary from state to state and even among communities. Illinois law states that the lead vehicle in a procession must obey stop signs and traffic signals, but the rest of the caravan can proceed without stopping and has the right of way as long as all vehicles keep on their headlights.
Seems that fewer and fewer people are aware of that law, and it's leading to lots of accidents.

I just love it when people blame everyone but the people who failed to do their homework and chose to live beyond their means:
And while there's plenty of blame to go around -- unethical mortgage brokers, greedy bankers and irresponsible homeowners -- one culprit continues to get off scot-free: HGTV.
Spare. Me.

I don't know when or how we came to be a culture that lives right up to the outer limits of its credit limits, but you can hardly blame a single television network for that. You might as well throw in any network that features customized cars and motorcycles and RVs. QVC and HSN. Any children's programming network, because they advertise extensively. The Food Channel, for hawking Rachel Ray cookware to Alton Brown's DVDs. The History Channel for hawking mini-series DVDs, books, etc. Any network that sells advertising for anything, because we are a weak-willed consumer society who can be easily persuaded to buy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, whether we can afford it or not.

I'm betting that many of the same people who overextended themselves on mortgages are also carrying multiple credit cards with balances pushed to the limit. I'll bet they're also driving vehicles that have every whistle and bell the outer limits of their credit at the car dealerships could buy. They've got designer clothes, glasses, dishes and jewelry.

Call me kooky, but I don't have a single credit card; I do have a debit card. If I can't afford it, I don't buy it... or I save up for it. I rent, instead of own, because I don't want the hassle of property upkeep. I remember layaway... and Christmas clubs. I've been frighteningly poor and, although I have a good job now and have for a long time, I have never forgotten what it was like to be terrified of where I was going to go to earn enough money to pay the bills. (And notice I say earn and not get. I didn't beg for it. I didn't borrow it. I earned it, even if I did work myself into the ground to do it.)

Growing up, I watched my parents live on a strict budget so they could pay off credit card bills monthly and pay off mortgages long before they were due. My dad hated the thought of living beyond his means, and simply wouldn't do it. As a result, there was plenty of money to live a comfortable life once retirement rolls around. I learned my lesson from the best.

Instead of educating themselves and saving for their futures, however, one hell of a lot of people in this country have been playing the grasshopper instead of the ant.

In addition, Mr. Sollisch also fails to acknowledge that many of the shows on HGTV were created for people who want an attractive home, but are, for whatever reason, limited as to the budget they can spend. Imagine! Actually promoting the idea of decorating on a shoestring budget! Yes, the good folks at Design on a Dime are Satan and responsible for the collapse of the economy.

Just thought you'd like that cleared up for you.

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Northwoods Woman said...

I love HGTV! Don't like that guy! Hope you are staying warm! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I remember lay-away and they still have it! I used to bring my friends to see the coat that I was going to get someday. Stay as warm as possible! Meanwhile, I'm in a state where I cannot take anymore clothes off to be cool. :(
LOVE MY NEW JOB. Talk to you soon!