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Obama calls his "Hope" and "Change."

As for me...

You Should Call Your Boobs "Death & Taxes"


Which do you think is more close to the truth?

(A tip of the cap to Kelly for the giggle.)

Ooooh! There's a new Thomas Perry/Jane Whitefield book coming out! I'm a huge Thomas Perry fan, and have been waiting forever for the next in this series. Woot! (Happy dance time.)

The Venomous One knocks this one over the fence and right out of the park:
Oh, sure. I know some of you rabid non-smokers out there are no doubt applauding, particularly those of you living in apartments and condos who’ve had to deal with the smell of your neighbor’s cigarette smoke.

But just remember: first they came for the smokers. Piss enough of us off and you’re going to see smokers starting to call for legislation that makes it illegal for you to cook smelly food, wear cheap perfume, clump around in high heels on hardwood floors and sing along with your radio.
Sing it, sister!

I really do need a bigger bank account, because after I saw this, I wanted it ALL. Cool, Beautiful. Eco-Friendly.

Ear Worm of the Day:

Which makes this little Blogthing appropriate:

Your Ideal Island Vacation is Fiji

On an island vacation, you prefer to get the full beach experience.

And for you, that means staying somewhere with few people and lots of beach.

With over 300 islands, you can find your own private spot in Fiji.

Relax by the crystal clear water, or venture off to find a waterfall.


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Anonymous said...

We smokers must unite! How come they never go after alcohol?!!