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Quote of the Day:
As a card-carrying liberal, I'll always defend the rights of the Rush Limbaughs of the world to speak their minds. That's kind of the point of freedom of speech, right? It's not just for me and my like-minded friends -- it's for everyone, no matter how narrow-minded.

Argue about the context of Limbaugh's comments all you want, but the reality is that more than a handful of conservatives want Obama to fail, just as many liberals wanted George W. Bush to fail.

It's fine to root against certain presidential goals if you believe those agendas will harm the greater good. Of course, if you're rooting for the president to fail only because you didn't vote for him and you want him to lose in 2012, that says a lot more about your alleged patriotism than you might like.
Why can't all liberals be as reasonable as Richard Roeper?

Wow! There are some great Chicago dining deals here. Anybody interested in getting together?

It seems Drew Peterson couldn't stand the fact that someone was getting more negative publicity than him, so he went on back on the radio to pollute the jury pool once more:
"I will acknowledge that I would have concerns if I was the friends and family of this young girl," Peterson told Bashir.

But "she likes me. She likes me a lot," he said. "I'm good to her and I treat her better than she's ever been treated. ... But I will acknowledge that I would have concerns if I was the friends and family of this young girl."
So he's selfish and thinking of only himself? Gee! Who'da thunk it?
Peterson complained about all the attention he gets from the media, and the picture of him it paints.
Sure. Which is why he's doing this interview in the first place. Spare. Me.

Oh, holy night, I've fallen in love. Just go here, and you'll understand. Even more sick, this one, this one, this one and this one are my very faves.

I'll be giggling all week about these critters.

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